Women In Need Growing Stronger

Have you experienced childhood trauma that inhibits your ability to have a full meaningful adult life?

WINGS is a free weekly support and educational program addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE).

WINGS groups are available in Cameron, Willacy, and Hidalgo counties in South Texas.

For locations and meeting times information please register below for more or call 1-844-344-9366.

For WINGS program

Find your voice, sprout your wings, and start enjoying life!

WINGS is a project of Blue Sunday Child Abuse Prevention


WINGS is a very uncomplicated faith based program that deals with a very complicated subject- adult women who were victims of child abuse.

Our Motto:  Your are not alone.  It's not your fault.  There is hope.

Our Scripture:  Psalms 91:4 "...under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness is a shield"

Here are the steps to take to register as a WINGS partner:

  1. Agree to meet weekly for 12 sessions.
  2. Follow our simple agenda at meetings

Open with prayer

Introduce everyone

Serve coffee and light snack (optional).

Encourage the participants to not share unless they accept responsibility for others knowing their history

Offer a time for more private conversations at the end of the 1 hour program

Show the weekly  (ACE Overcomers) video.

Go over the accompanying (ACE Overcomers) workbook.

Allow for a time to visit and close with prayers.

Note: Typically the women develop a trust and begin to share bits and pieces of their lives.  Have lots of Kleenex on hand.  Never stop a woman from sharing her story unless it is something best shared privately, otherwise let them talk.  They will begin to validate each other's experiences once they understand they are not alone.

There are no fees to begin your own WINGS group sessions.

The only cost are the materials that come from  You will need to order the video ($150) and enough workbooks for each participant($20).

We do not receive any portion of any sales of materials from Ace Overcomers.  We use their product which we find has been very effective.

To order their materials visit

God bless you in your journey to help others heal.


Thank you for caring.

Janet Magee -founder