About Blue Sunday

To participate in Blue Sunday

Why is it called Blue Sunday?

Blue is the accepted “memorial ribbon” color for honoring the victims of child abuse.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.

We chose the last Sunday in April to be called Blue Sunday.

How to ask your church to participate:

Keep it simple and to the point.

Share your heart for abused children with your pastor.

Offer to take care of registering your church with us.
All we need is the church name, your email address and approximate number of attendees.

Share statistics:

Over 1600 children die annually as victims of child abuse

Most were under the age of 3

Most were victims of neglect

Most were boys

Most deaths were caused by family members

6 million children become NEW victims of abuse annually

Two-thirds of those in drug treatment reported being abused as a child

80% of the prison population were once in foster care

Within one year of aging out of foster care 66% will be homeless, in jail or die

Some churches invite agencies to set up information booths. CASA and Children’s Advocacy Centers are two great groups to invite to your church. There are many other local agencies who would welcome the opportunity to set up an information table. Don’t forget these agencies would appreciate being prayed for as well. You could also invite your state run child abuse prevention agencies to attend and pray for them.

Faith Community + Child Abuse Prevention Agencies = better outcomes for abused children!

Blue Sunday Fundraising Policy  Please contact us about fundraising efforts done in conjunction with Blue Sunday Day of Prayer for Abused Children.  Contact us at 956-299-0564

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