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    Our Nice List!

    Blue Sunday was able to meet its Christmas goals because of the following people and organizations. Bless each of you for making Christmas a little brighter for abused and neglected children in South Texas! Some adopted whole families. Some volunteered time so children could make Christmas memories with siblings not living together. Some gave $20 […]

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    Founder Announces: History Made for Abused Children

    Dear Prevention Partners: As you all know April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and the last Sunday of April is called Blue Sunday. This is the day when churches take a moment in their morning service to pray for the victims of child abuse and for those who rescue them. What started with 20 churches […]

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    WHY REGISTER? Connecting with Media, Survivors and Prevention Heroes

    When you register to pray on Blue Sunday Day of Prayer for Abused Children on April 27th…

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    Your Church Can Help Children Heal

    I have never seen a better picture of what life for a foster child is…

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    Rico’s Story – The Promise of Better Days

    In 2005 I was considering giving up my work with foster children after the death of my daughter and her baby.  I felt I had nothing to offer.  That was before Rico.  I never helped Rico. In fact, the first time I heard of 15 year old Rico was when I got a call from […]

  • Ron Corzine CFI Founder and CEO


    MYTH: Child Protective Services wants to take children away from parents.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  They give parents every opportunity to receive services allowing them to retain their children.   They provide or refer parents to free counseling, drug treatment, parenting classes just to name a few. Less than half the reports of child abuse in our state, […]

  • Three Little Words

    Three Little Words: A Memoir by Ashley Rhodes-Courter

    We just read about Ashely Rhodes-Courter.  Her story will remind us how important a role we each play in helping children who are suffering.  We are adding her book to our resource list.  Order your copy today. An inspiring true story of the tumultuous nine years Ashley Rhodes-Courter spent in the foster care system, and […]

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    Faith Community Has So Much To Offer

    The Faith Community has so much to offer when it comes to child abuse prevention. They have what wounded and broken families need-  Hope. Hope inspires courage.  Courage inspires change.  Change inspires more hope. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to […]

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    Substance Abuse and Parenting Don’t Mix – What Can My Church Do?

    Getting high and good parenting never mix.  According to the Office on Child Abuse and Neglect, Children’s Bureau, children whose parents abuse alcohol and other drugs were three times more likely to be abused and more than four times more likely to be neglected than children from non-abusing families. What can your church do?  Offer […]

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    Holidays, Heartbreaks, and Help

    Christmas is all about families, right?  Did you know the holidays mark a higher than usual number of children removed from families because of child abuse and neglect.  Here are a few ideas to make a difference: 1. Children are on Christmas break for up to 2 weeks while parents must work.   Many children are left alone, […]

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    Foster Teen’s Amazing Reaction to Gifts

    In 2003 the Texas Department of Family and Protective Service brought to our attention the fact that young children in foster care receive toys from the community at Christmas but the teens were being overlooked.  We have made it an annual goal to provide gift cards for teens ever since.   How does this impact the teens?  The […]

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    Thank you Child Protective Services, CASA, Children’s Advocacy Centers, Doctors, Nurses, Counselors, Educators, Law Enforcement, Foster Parents, and the many other agencies that stand against child abuse. Thank you brave neighbors, family members, and family friends who put the needs of a hurting child above all else and make the call 1-800-4 A CHILD. Thank […]

  • Christmas is all about families, right?

    Faith Community + Foster Children = Best Christmas Ever!

      Faith Community + Foster Children = The Best Christmas Ever!    Christmas could be the perfect time to launch an outreach to foster children.   Contact your own State’s Child Protective Services agency.   Ask what your church can do to make a difference for an abused child.   Scroll below for contact information listed by state.   […]

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    Put Foster Kids First This Christmas

    Church there is an almost hidden group of children who could use your kindness this Christmas.  I am talking about foster children.  Most churches have buildings to offer, good volunteers, and the finances to sponsor gift giving efforts or …why not do what CFC churches in the Rio Grande Valley have done… throw a Christmas […]

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    Foster Teens Christmas

    Where will you give? Who will you help this Christmas?  Will your consider helping with our Foster Teens Christmas Project? Imagine spending Christmas away from your home and your family on the biggest home/family event of the year – Christmas. We can’t fix Christmas but maybe we can take a little of the sting out […]

  • Boyfriends as Babysitters 2

    Boyfriends As Babysitters – Blessing or Bad Idea?

    We often  hear from mothers and grandmothers whose children and grandchildren have been abused or murdered by a mother’s boyfriend who was babysitting. Our hearts break for these children and for the families dealing with the tragedy. Many times other family members knew the man was not fit to watch the children but not always. Please understand we […]

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    All Babies Cry – Stay Calm and Don’t Shake Them!

    A crying infant can be challenging to handle. Sometimes you can stop the baby from crying, sometimes you can’t. Remember that if nothing seems to work to calm the crying infant down, it is okay to leave the baby in a safe place (like a crib or infant seat) and take time to calm yourself […]

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    Simple Steps to Make a Difference

    Here are 5  things you can do to make a difference:   1.  Pray for abused children on a daily basis and for those who rescue them.   2.  Learn the signs of child abuse.  Visit http://www.bluesunday.org/2013/02/19/signs-of-abuse/   3. Don’t look away when you recognize a child is being neglected or mistreated.  Don’t pretend you didn’t see the […]

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    Lend a Back-to-School Hand!

    Churches, individuals, and service clubs lend a hand!  Don’t miss the opportunity to help children in your area with free school supplies.  Easiest way to help neglected children with school supplies is to contact you own local county or parish’s Child Protective Services office.  Offer free school supplies and maybe even backpacks! This is a […]


Since 1994, Blue Sunday founder, Janet Magee, has devoted her life to helping abused and neglected children.
Janet is a writer and speaker on a variety of efforts concerning children. Janet authored the book, The Little Blue Book of Big Ideas/Creating Your Own Child Abuse Prevention Project.
Janet works extensively with schools, churches, civic groups and local and state agencies that promote character education and child abuse prevention. Janet’s work won her the “Volunteer of the Year Award” with the State of Texas Child Welfare Boards.
Janet’s faith and determination are contagious as she shares the belief that if everyone helped a little, we would gain big results.
Janet and her husband of 40 years, John Magee, reside in Harlingen, TX. Together they raised three daughters and enjoy five wonderful grandchildren. In Janet’s spare time you can find her camping, and birding.
“I am committed to showing others how they can become part of the child abuse prevention solution. Thank you for joining this noble fight!” ~Janet Magee

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Christmas thank you

Our Nice List!

Blue Sunday was able to meet its Christmas goals because of the following people and organizations. Bless each of you for making Christmas a little brighter for abused and neglected children in South Texas! Some adopted whole families. Some volunteered time so children could make Christmas memories with siblings not living together. Some gave $20 […]

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